Secure Your ATV with MiniFinder Xtreme

Secure Your ATV with MiniFinder Xtreme

TVs are popular vehicles for both recreational and work purposes. Unfortunately, they are also attractive targets for thieves.

To ensure effective theft protection, MiniFinder has developed Xtreme - a GPS tracker that combines technological innovation and security features to keep your ATV safe. In this article, we will explore MiniFinder Xtreme and its advantages as a reliable theft protection solution.

Technical Specifications

MiniFinder Xtreme is equipped with technology that provides comprehensive theft protection for your ATV. It boasts a robust design and is waterproof, making it ideal for various terrains and weather conditions. The installation is simple thanks to its sturdy magnetic mount, and with its long battery life, you can rest assured that Xtreme is always ready to protect your ATV when needed most.

Real-Time Positioning

One of the standout features of MiniFinder Xtreme is its ability to offer real-time positioning. Using the latest GPS technology, you can monitor exactly where your ATV is located directly on your phone. This allows owners to take immediate action in case of any unauthorized movement or attempted theft.

Geofence function

MiniFinder Xtreme allows you to set up geographical boundaries, known as geofences, for your ATV. If the vehicle moves outside these predefined areas, you will receive an immediate alert. This feature is invaluable for owners who want to keep their ATV within secure zones and prevent unauthorized usage.


Investing in MiniFinder Xtreme is a wise decision for all ATV owners who prioritize the safety of their vehicles. With its technology, real-time positioning, and user-friendly interface, Xtreme becomes a reliable ally in preventing theft and unauthorized usage. Additionally, MiniFinder Xtreme is an approved solution by Swedish insurance companies.

Make your ATV secure and safe with MiniFinder Xtreme - the ultimate GPS tracker for optimal theft protection.

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