Tip: How to deal with children who run away

Tip: How to deal with children who run away

It is a parent's nightmare that their child will disappear and it is not unusual for a child to sometimes run away on its own. It can happen during a walk outside, in town or when the child is out in the garden. A child rarely understands the consequences and it can therefore be important as a parent to be one step ahead. Therefore, we have collected tips on how to handle a child who runs away! 

All children are different and some have a greater need to run around. Regardless, it can be difficult as a parent to keep track of your child, especially in a crowded place.

Keep an eye on your children - while they get more freedom

Of course, the children should be allowed to explore the world by themselves and not always be close to their parents, but it is possible to give them freedom and security at the same time. For example, you can purchase a personal alarm with GPS that is excellent for use by children. It gives you as a parent the opportunity to relax, regardless of whether your child runs away or not. In addition, it gives the child a greater opportunity to move more freely outdoors and not be dependent on adult company everywhere. 

This is how you handle a security alarm

MiniFinder offers several different security alarms, but Pico Lite is the one we recommend for children. It is very easy to use as it completely lacks buttons and screen. It simply works for one thing: to provide security. It is therefore not possible to make any mistakes, for example, pressing the wrong button. 

You simply place it in your child's bag or jacket, then you can track the positions directly on your mobile phone and get direct access to several smart alarm functions. Should your child go missing, just check the position and you can quickly intervene if the child runs too far away or if the child is suddenly in an unauthorised area. 

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