Protect your children from unexpected situations - with a personal alarm from MiniFinder

Protect your children from unexpected situations - with a personal alarm from MiniFinder

As the children get older, the risk of dangerous situations increases. At the same time, it is important to give your child a sense of freedom. The solution can be a mini personal alarm filled with modern GPS technology. It gives you as a parent reduced anxiety, since you can keep track of your child even from a distance. A personal alarm can be crucial for your child's safety, at the same time as the child is allowed to be outside on their own. 

Smart and easy-to-use functions

The Pico Lite personal alarm from MiniFinder includes several useful functions that can be used by both the child and the parents. With the included MiniFinder GO tracking system, you can view positions in real time directly in your phone, tablet or computer. You can create virtual fences in the app, which means that you get a notification directly in the phone if the personal alarm suddenly leaves a predetermined area. Several functions are included, for example call function, speed alarm och fall alarm. 

MiniFinder Pico Lite - the child's best friend in all situations

The MiniFinder Pico Lite personal alarm can be placed, for example, in a pocket or in a bag. The small size makes it easy to carry everywhere. In addition, it is both durable and waterproof, so the child can easily use it in all weathers. 

Top three benefits of personal alarms for children and young people:

  • It gives your child permission to develop and discover the world on their own, without an adult being involved. Should something happen, the alarm ensures that you as an adult can quickly find out the position and can then quickly help the child.
  • Get access to several smart features. In addition to GPS function, MiniFinder Pico Lite contains several other useful functions. For example, call function and fall alarm.
  • The Pico Lite personal alarm is designed to work in all weathers, as it is both waterproof and very durable. The child does not have to be overly careful and can bring it everywhere. There's also no screen or buttons, which means that the user can not accidentally press anything. 

Do you want to give your child more freedom and at the same time a safer life? Read more about the personal alarm Pico Lite here

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