MiniFinder Rex Test: By!

MiniFinder Rex Test: By!

Jegeravisen in Norway has conducted a test of the MiniFinder Rex and MiniFinder Hunter and has now published its product review. MiniFinder appreciates being part of this article and wishes to highlight the main points presented by Jegeravisen in their article.

"You can call Rex with your phone. The dog tracker has a very good microphone that makes it possible to hear if the dog is on a chase. In fact, you can clearly hear what is happening around the dog. Rex also has a good speaker that allows you to give commands to the dog via the phone. We tested this by giving the dog commands from a distance, and it worked very well." - Jegeravisen

Following, is a summary of Jegeravisen's test of MiniFinder Rex:

  • Battery life of up to 100 hours; for Jegeravisen, Rex offered over 4 days of active hunting before needing a recharge.
  • Fast and efficient support in case of any issues.
  • Two-way communication, increasing safety for both dog and handler by perceiving the dog's surroundings and enabling the handler to give commands via Rex.
  • The MiniFinder Hunter app offers free usage, where only the dog handler pays for the use of Rex.

In essence, the summary presents that the combination of the REX dog tracker and the MiniFinder Hunter app is a robust and reliable solution for hunters seeking improved control and monitoring of their dogs during the hunt. This technological advancement promises to redefine hunting experiences and ensure a safer and more efficient journey in the pursuit of game. Read the full article here!

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