Can cats get lost?

Can cats get lost?

Cats are usually good at finding their way everywhere, but of course there is no guarantee that they can't get lost if they are too far from home. Every year, hundreds of cats go missing and even if they can return home after several weeks, the chances decrease with each day they are gone. This means that many cats never find their way home again when they have disappeared.

Most people who have cats want to let them go outdoors and give them the opportunity to live a more natural life. Regardless of whether you live in a residential area or in the country, there is a lot of things that can happen to the cat, not just that it gets lost. There are other cats that can scare your cat away, the cat can get stuck or be seriously injured. As a cat owner, you are often helpless in such situations and it is more or less impossible to find the cat on your own once it is gone.

How can you prevent the cat from disappearing?

Do you want to prevent your cat from getting lost and never finding its home again? Then buy a cat gps from MiniFinder. It ensures that you can always see where your cat is directly on your mobile phone and you will receive an alarm if it gets too far from home or is in an unauthorized area. Of course, it's designed to be comfortable and fit all different cats.

You can read more about MiniFinder's GPS collar for cats here

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