Keep track of your horse with MiniFinder Atto Pro

Keep track of your horse with MiniFinder Atto Pro

Our new GPS tracker for horses, MiniFinder Atto Pro, offers several smart tracking and alarm functions that are useful for horse owners and riders.

This spring, the MiniFinder Atto Pro, a GPS tracker for animals, was launched. In an article from Ridenews, Atto Pro is described as a small and flexible GPS tracker that can be used by all horse types. Atto Pro is designed for a tough outdoor environment and consists of several updated features such as 100% waterproof, more sensitive microphone, clearer LED lights, improved quality of the plastic cover, and a new uBlox Chip for faster positioning.

"With the small, smart and agile tracker Atto Pro, you can keep track of your horse out on the pasture, follow every step you take during the riding session and it also provides security when you ride out in the terrain!"

Furthermore, Ridenews suggests the possibility of using Atto Pro to protect against theft, such as a saddle. Last year, hundreds of saddle thefts were committed in Sweden. By attaching Atto Pro in the saddle, you can receive an alarm as soon as the saddle is away from a marked safety area. Follow the path of the stolen goods directly in the alarm and tracking system MiniFinder GO.

Read the whole article about Atto Pro GPS tracker.

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